Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sprinkler Show Success

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone that helped with and that came to the sprinkler show last Friday. I also wanted to thank Bad Robot and Flatwater Toys for allowing us to have this show. We had a great turn out and it was nice to see all of the fans. Here are some photos of the display.

Thanks Again,
I will hopefully post some more informative blogs soon.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tractor Sprinkler Art Show at Bad Robot


It has been very busy summer this is the time of year when the world waters. Despite that we are going to take the time to put on a little show for all of you sprinkler fans. Starting on August 7th 2009 (first Friday) we will have Our collection of Antique and Vintage National Walking Sprinklers (as well as many vintage advertisements and photos) on display at Bad Robot in Lincolns Haymarket (105 north 8th street). Me and the National Guys will be hanging around so stop in and see us.

If you cant make it on the 7th no worries you can visit Bad Robot all month to see the display. Stop down also for Lincolns Saturday Farmers Market you wont regret it. We will also have New Sprinklers for sale at special prices so please take advantage of that. Please Visit the Bad Robot site and for that matter the store you wont be disappointed. And hey while your at it send me an e-mail with any suggestions for the show or with any questions you may have at or through the website
Thanks Again

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hello Again
Dan Just sent me a file filled with old letters from Sprinkler Fans. I got a kick out of them and had to send them out to you. I hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Model "D" News.

Good News! After months of waiting we finally have the model "D" back in stock. I only have a dozen built right now but I will have many more in the weeks to follow.

Now the bad news this may be the last year that we will make the Model "D" It is a popular sprinkler but not as popular as the A-5 or B-3. But don't worry parts will always be available for the "D" till the end of time and hey never say never we may bring it back some day. We just feel that right now we should focus on the tried and true National models that everyone grew up with the A-5 and B-3. We have approximately 250 model "D's" to sell and once they are gone they are gone.

Let me know what you think I would love any comments on this perhaps you can prove us wrong and change our minds.

Thanks Again,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rebuild Kits! T-Shirts!

Hello I am sorry I have been away for so long. I wanted to make a quick entry to announce the creation of REBUILD KITS! for your National, Kees, Thompson, Sears, Craftsman, Or Lawncrest Walking Sprinklers. So many people have asked me for kits that I finally sat down and figured out what each model needs on average and then made the parts available in a kit. for more info you can e-mail me at

Also I have to announce the new National Walking Sprinkler T-Shirts. We had our friends at Screen Ink make them for us (and they did a great job) The Shirts are American made(American Apparel) and printed right here in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you have any intrest in buying one just let me know. Once again send me a E-mail or seach on E-bay as I soon hopeto be selling National goods there as well.

Thanks Again, Jon

Friday, August 29, 2008

National Sprinkler History

I stole some history info from the National website. I had a few images to include with it. The man Pulling the Large Sprinkler in front of Memorial Stadium in Lincoln Nebraska is unknown to me but the younger of the two men in the other photo is Walt Ferris (Founder of National Manufacturing) and I believe the man with him is John "Jack" Wilson the inventor of the Walking Sprinkler. The text below is directly from the National Website.


Around 1930, John “Jack” Wilson designed and produced the “Automotive Traveling Sprinkler” at Wilson Automotive Sprinkler Company in North Platte, Nebraska. Throughout 1930 to 1941, Wilson was an engineer and custodian at the senior high school and frequently used the invention to water school grounds. Wilson applied for a patent on October 19,1937 and it was approved March 1,1939. Within the patent application, the invention was described as similar to a lawn sprinkler. “A purpose of the invention is a sprinkler that is movable over a lawn. Due to water being forced through the sprinkler, the sprinkler is moved along the route of a hose through a motor-like interchange,” the application stated.

In the 1940s, production of Wilson’s invention was about to take off but World War II broke out and supply of scrap metal was hard to come by. Due to this, production of the sprinkler slowed throughout the war. In 1941, Wilson moved to Whittler, California and on March 26, 1946, he died in San Diego at the age of 69.

National Manufacturing Company, a company located in Lincoln, Nebraska, had its beginnings around 1917 and manufactured Fire-less cookers. The company diversified into producing airplane parts, bomb shelters, v-belts used by Goodyear, lawn-care implements, and test kitchen equipment. National Manufacturing obtained the walking sprinkler patent sometime after WWII and produced sprinklers with Wilson’s original design and patent information printed on the side.

Wilson’s patent expired in 1960. Since that time, National Manufacturing has produced sprinklers very similar to Wilson’s original model—with some versions differing slightly. In 1985, the company was bought by TMCO, Inc., which to this day still produces the Walking Sprinkler.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Kee's Krawler, Sears Roebuck, Craftsman, Thompson Pathfinder, PARTS!!

Hello Again Sprinkler Fans. I wanted to take a moment to tell you all that you can no longer fear the demise of you old Thompson, Sears, or Kee's Sprinklers. Why? you may ask. The reason for this is that your sprinkler was made by or closely ripped off from the classic National Walking Sprinkler. National is still based in Lincoln Nebraska, and still produces the same great sprinkler it has been making since the 1930's. You can inquire about parts by checking out the website.
The light Blue Sears sprinkler to the left was rebuilt with 100% National parts.
Until Next Time...